Rashcamera is the first and only completely free and collaborative fixed camera database that collects all the verified devices enabled to detect:
  • Instantaneous speed
  • Average speed
  • Red traffic light
  • Overtaking prohibited
  • Unauthorized lane
Anyone can add new safety cameras, modify existing ones or delete them, but only fixed speed cameras that are always visible. Mobile or temporary cameras are disallowed.

Map on the home page

The speed cameras are shown on the map with a different icon depending on the type:
  • Instantaneous speed detection whit unknown limit
  • Instantaneous speed detection whit unknown limit, verified*
  • Instantaneous speed detection whit limit 10km/h
  • Instantaneous speed detection whit limit 10km/h, verified*
  • Average speed detection
  • Average speed detection, verified*
  • Red traffic light detection
  • Red traffic light detection, verified*
  • Overtaking prohibited detection
  • Overtaking prohibited detection, verified*
  • Unauthorized lane detection
  • Unauthorized lane detection, verified*
*verified: speed cameras containing multimedia files, external links or associated fines.


Users are free to attach the contraventions they have taken associated with a certain safety camera, but it is recommended not to communicate sensitive data, the fines are visible to all users of the site.


Rashcamera does not guarantee the validity of the contents and can not be held responsible for any errors contained on this site. Each contributor is responsible for their entries and any violation will be prosecuted according to the law. More information on Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy e Terms and Conditions